Mid-Career Workshop

Theme: Next Level – Expanding Your Career Contributions Through Mentoring

The purpose of the AMCIS Mid-Career Consortium is to provide support to mid-career faculty through an event designed for mid-career faculty. In this meetup we will use an innovative online conferencing platform, Remo, where participants will have an opportunity to network with fellow mid-career faculty, learn from their peers, and interact with panelists.

 When beginning a career in academia, the stated goal is demanding, but straightforward, “Achieve tenure and/or promotion to associate professor”. After reaching the milestone of Associate Professor, identifying a vision for the future is less straightforward. Many different paths and goals now become available (e.g., administrative roles, service to the university, service to the discipline, research focus, teaching focus) and new opportunities present themselves (e.g., editorial responsibilities). Defining a vision in this more ambiguous landscape can be exciting, yet challenging.

This year’s meetup consortium will have the theme, “Next Level – Expanding Your Career Contributions Through Mentoring”, keeping with the overall conference theme of “Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. The meetup will consist of two panels and opportunities for group networking and interaction.

All faculty who reached the stage of Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer, or equivalent position are encouraged to attend, even if the faculty member has participated in prior mid-career meetup consortiums. Since the primary purpose is to create interactive, networking opportunities, we encourage you to join us in this engaging meetup.

Since (virtual) seating is limited, please register in advance in order to attend this event. You can include the Mid-Career Meetup when you register to attend AMCIS 2020 as part of the virtual conference series.


Gerald Grant
Carleton University

Barb Marcolin
University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus

Panel Information & Schedule

The first panel, Energizing Your Post-Tenure Research Agendais a discussion of how Associate Professors may build post-tenure research agendas. We have panelists with a range of experiences, such as building research clusters, larger grant applications, forging new research partnerships with industry or international research groups, generate research in new technology streams, new multi-disciplinary teams, or develop a research centre. This discussion will enable participants to consider the various pathways available as they consider this mid-stage of their career. Panelists for this session include: William (Chad) Saunders (confirmed), University of Calgary, Lina Bouayad, Florida International University (confirmed), and Leiser Silva (U of Houston)(Confirmed),  Rajiv Sabherwal (U of Arkansas)(confirmed).

August 10, 2021
Panel presentation – 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Socializing – 4:30 pm. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time

The second panel, Getting and Giving Mentorship for the Next Levelis comprised of individuals that serve or have served in a range of mentoring roles including giving advice to junior colleagues (or senior colleagues), and receiving advice for picking the next level whether that be full professorship, higher administration, secondment to industry and many other potential pathways. Panelists will share their lessons learned and best practices for those who were inspiring to their critical career decisions. Participants can indicate their willingness to mentor on different topics. The panelists for this session include: Stacie Petter (Baylor)(confirmed), Angsana A. Techatassanasoontorn (AUT, NZ) (confirmed), Nigel Melville (Uof Michigan) (Confirmed), and Jane Fedorowicz (Bentley University) (confirmed).

August 12, 2021
Panel presentation – 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time