Junior Faculty Consortium

Monday August 9th, 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST

AMCIS 2021 continues the tradition of hosting the Junior Faculty Consortium.  This year’s theme will be Academic Resilience in the Post-COVID World.

The pandemic disrupted many aspects of junior faculty work – from halting research, pausing data collection, generating new and sudden demands for virtual curriculum and online delivery and creating new stresses for personal well-being. The Junior Faculty Consortium theme will recognize these disruptions and bring together participants in the early stages of their academic career to discuss career success and “Academic resilience in the post-COVID world”.  Our main goal is to offer all participants insights into getting back on track, post pandemic, with their academic career and offer mentoring and advice that can help them be successful and marketable in their career.

The consortium draws together not-yet-tenured faculty along with faculty mentors from a variety of schools throughout the Americas region for activities and discussion aimed to offer all participants insights into their academic career that can help them be valuable, marketable, and successful in their career from their own perspective, and that of their university and the academia.

The topics and exercises will be designed to promote interaction among junior faculty, sharing what you have learned and your questions from your early experiences as a faculty member.  Participants will also receive feedback from the experienced faculty leaders who will share their key lessons learned from their own careers.  Experiences from respected senior and mid-level faculty members will help shape, focus, and inform discussions of critical issues, while quality interaction among junior faculty remains a prime purpose of the consortium.

The Consortium will be held during the AMCIS Conference with dates to be determined. To allow for maximum engagement among the participants, there is a limit of 40 participants on a first come, first admitted basis.  Please apply via the link provided below.  Qualified applicants must be in their faculty position at the time of participation and be pre-tenure.  There will be a nominal registration fee of $25 which will be due once your admission has been confirmed by the Consortium co-chairs. You must be a registered attendee of the conference in order to participate in the Junior Faculty Consortium.

Link to apply: http://go.ivey.ca/5zLv


Hasan Cavusoglu, Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business

Nicole Haggerty, Associate Professor at Western University, Ivey Business School