AMCIS is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion among the members of the organizing committee for each of its conferences.

As of January 2021, 32% of AIS members identified as women and 59% identified as men, with 9% choosing not to indicate. The breakdown of AMCIS 2021 conference volunteers is 43.8% women and 56.3% men.

AMCIS strives to provide a diverse conference committee. Overall, AIS does not request members to identify with any one racioethnic group, however, AMCIS 2021 volunteers represent a diverse cross-section of the field of information systems.

In order to provide AMCIS attendees with a well-rounded offering of events and experiences, the AMCIS committee must be represented by volunteers at various stages in their professional careers.

Finally, AMCIS volunteers must come from a variety of institutions to represent the needs of attendees at both teaching and research universities.

AIS Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The open exchange of ideas and the freedom of thought and expression are central to the aims and goals of the AIS community. These require an environment that recognizes the inherent worth of every person and a group that fosters dignity, understanding, mutual respect, and that embraces diversity. The AIS community is committed to enabling and promoting all AIS members’ full participation in the activities, groups, and decision-making of the AIS without distinction and/or discrimination on the basis of individual or group differences.

Diversity means all the individual or group differences that characterize current and future membership of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) community. These include, but are not limited to, differences in career or employment status, academic rank, geographic location, age, biological sex, citizenship, disability, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, language, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, skin color, and socioeconomic status.

Inclusion means that all AIS members can be involved and participate in any and all AIS activities and groups, depending on their interests and wishes. All AIS members will have their voices heard and valued and have fair and reasonable opportunities to influence AIS policies and decision-making.