AMCIS 2021 Paper Development Sprint

AMCIS 2021 will be offering the Paper Development Sprint for the first time. This initiative was developed by the AMCIS conference committee in partnership with four participating SIG/Tracks (SIG Lead, SIG IT Project Management, SIG Green and SCUIDT). The objective of the Paper Development Sprint is to assist authors in the rapid development and revision of a research paper with the goal of evolving conference publication to a journal submission.

Senior scholars who are experts on the papers’ topics will provide feedback and help authors identify areas for improvement during a workshop held on the first day of the conference. Authors will have two days to revise their manuscript (the “Sprint”) and will need to clearly showcase the changes made. During a session open to all conference attendees on Thursday, August 12 at 4pm EDT, finalists will highlight the process they followed to make their revisions and the Paper Development Sprint awards will be announced. All are welcome to attend!

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